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Shorewood Bible Church-South


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Come into the knowledge of the truth at Shorewood Bible Church–South. Let us be helpers of your joy as you learn just how “All of the Bible is for you but not all of the Bible is about you”. Have you been trying to hold God accountable for promises that He did not make to you? Are you waiting for a blessing and looking for a miracle? Have  you questions about the wealth and prosperity that others profess to enjoy while you seem to struggle along? The Bible has the answers for the world’s ills of today. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn it’s not what you’ve heard.

Corel Website Creator X6Shorewood Bible Church–South is “Not Just Another Church”. We are preaching and teaching today’s truth from the King James Bible dispensationally.  We invite you to discover where you fit in Scripture Times Past, But Now, or The Ages to Come.

Generation after generation, God’s will is that all are saved and come into the knowledge of the truth. Now is the time to put aside human wisdom…experience God at SBC-S. We are The Body of Christ!

Yours In His Service,

The SBC-S Family

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