23nd Annual Bible Conference 03/23/2019

Theme: Deliverance From This Present Evil World

Arthur Johnson
Deliverance From The Body of This Death: Spiritual

Russell Shepherd
Deliverance From The Body of This Death:Physical

George Crump
The Deliverer: The Bodily Resurrection of Christ

Richard Jordan
The Deliverance of Creation/Universe

22nd Annual Bible Conference 03/17/2018

Theme: The Need of Our Day: Truth and Freedom

Russell Shepherd
The KJV & Other
English Translations

Frank Dock
Prophecy &
The Mystery

Darrell Caviness
The Twelve Apostles &
The Apostle Paul

Matt Walker
Baptism with the Spirit &
Baptism by the Spirit

Richard Jordan
Kingdom of Heaven &
Body of Christ

Arthur Johnson
By Faith &
Through Faith

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