07/02/2017 Gospel Sunday:
Gospel of Grace & Gospel of the Kingdom


Christs’ Gospel

Second Qtr Bible Conference 06/17/2017

The Holy Spirit: Relief for the Soul

Bro. George Crump
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Arthur Johnson
The Holy Spirit: His Presence & His Power

20th Annual Bible Conference 03/26/2016

True Godliness

A Form of Godliness:
G. Crump

The Profitability of Godliness
R. Shepherd

The Doctrine According to Godliness:
D. Caviness

Godly Edification
R. Jordan

A Form of Godliness

The Mystery of Godliness
A. Johnson

In Christ
George Crump

Our Great Commission
A. Johnson


The Mystery of Godliness
In Christ_G.Crump
Our Great Commission


21st Annual Bible Conference 03/18/2017

Biblical Distinctions of Great Consecuence

George Crump:
Three Bible Churches

Darrell Caviness:
Water Baptism vs The Cross

Art Johnson:
Understanding Prayer

Richard Jordan
Universal Reconciliation vs
Eternal Judgment

Robert Brown
Tithes vs Grace G

Russell Sheppard
2nd Coming vs Rapture

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